Blackthorn Protection - Santa Fe provides protection, private investigation, and security services to Santa Fe, and surrounding areas.
Blackthorn Protection provides protection and security services to Santa Fe, and surrounding areas.  Don't settle for a Santa Fe security guard company when you can hire a professional Sante Fe protection company instead.  At Blackthorn Protection - Sante Fe, we will give you two quotes for security guards. One quote will be for a professional Sante Fe security guard and one quote will be for a professional with a law enforcement background.  Which one you select will be YOUR choice depending on YOUR needs. We want you to have the option of selecting a traditional security guard or your own private current or former law enforcement officer. You don't have to settle for Sante Fe guards you can't put your confidence in anymore.
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We specialize in providing current and former law enforcement officers.  We can handle just about anything. Whether you need an armed transport officer, a hotel security officer, an experienced background investigator, an HOA or construction security guard, a certified police officer, or even a private baliff for depositions that you think may get ugly, Blackthorn Protection - Sante Fe has your back.
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